Board of Directors

S.K Jain : Chief Promotor

S.K Jain

Chief Promotor

A patriarch whose childhood was shaped by as independent India took its nascent steps towards self-reliance and growth. Born in 1941, Mr. S.K. Jain is a seasoned entrepreneur dreaming India’s dreams. Having spent more than 50 years in the volatile power and coal sector, he enjoys an unrivalled reputation amongst the peers in the industry. Besides, his inclination towards giving something back to the society saw him actively involved in charitable organizations, trusts and temples.

Sudhir Kumar Garg : Chairman

Sudhir Kumar Garg


A personification of the adage that ‘innovation and development is not creating something new, but redefining the existing things in a modern way,’ Mr. Sudhir Kumar Garg, continues with his entrepreneurial journey for the last 35 years.

Born in 1958 he has accumulated a vast experience in varied fields of Power, Energy, Coal, Constructions, Manufacturing and Technical Know-how, successfully implementing innumerable projects. A firm believer in timely completion andstrict implementation as per schedule, he has a sort of turned it into a credo. He is the driving force behind the accomplishments of the organization and his insights into varied aspects of marketing impartPristynits competitive edge.

B. K Jain : Director

B. K Jain


A graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, Mr. B.K. Jain was born in 1956. With over 35 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, he dons the mantle of a technocrat and has been responsible for the overall functioning of the Company apart from playing a critical role in establishing the enviable reputation of the Company. He renders strategic direction to the Company's executive team in economic and business environment. He encourages team spirit and nurtures the human assets of the organization.

In acknowledgement for his efforts he was conferred with “Healthcare Leadership Award” in 2012.

Vipul Garg : Director

Vipul Garg


Bringing a whiff of freshness to Pristyn is Mr. VipulGarg. Having completed his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Finance and Marketing, he imparts latest business practices to the company. Being an outstanding sports person who like playing basketball and lawn tennis he thrives on challenges that raises his vision sky high and ends up in soaring his ambitions. Born in 1987 his is the vision behind several innovative ideas and strategic decisions that have helped the company reach new levels. He is a passionate professional who is always eager to go beyond the present and explore new business avenues.

Amit Jain : Director

Amit Jain


25 years of multifarious accomplishments and strong technical knowledge and expertise in the fields of Power,Coal and Energy, Mr. Amit Jain, born in 1974 has successfully executed a wide variety of projects and in the process has brought immense laurels to the company. A down to earth person he is very active on the social circuit and has been deeply involved with various charitable organizations and NGOs.A follower of the credo ‘aiming high with feet firmly on the ground,’ he inspires the team of young and aspiring executives, whom he mentors. He has given a huge impetus to the company’s presence in the pharmaceutical industry by reaching out to the remotest parts of the country and providing them with affordable healthcare solutions.

Ananya Kedia : Director

Ananya Kedia


A qualified Charted Accountant from the Institute of Charted Accountants of India, Mrs. AnanyaKedia, born in 1986 completed her Graduation in Commerce from Bangalore University. A dynamic lady with vast experiences in the fields ofFinance and Accounts, she is responsible for Internal Audit, Finance and International Collaborations of the company. Her interest in figures combines with a strategic vision that aims to write a new saga of company’s success.

Soni Jain : Director

Soni Jain


A pioneer with a vast repository of technical knowledge, especially in the field of Marketing, , Mrs. Soni Jain, born in 1974, completed her Graduate Degree in field of Commerce from Guwahati University. A woman of substance and media savvy she is looking after company’s Public Relations and CSR activities. Besides, desirous, as she is, to bring about meaningful difference in people’s lives and to ensure a sustainable development she also holds positions in various NGOs.

Priti Jain : Director

Priti Jain


A humanitarian at heart and a pious woman, Mrs. Priti Jain was born in 1959. A person who thought ahead of her time, her natural empathy towards the have nots has led her to active involvement in the life of the needy and the poor people. She has been bestowed with a tender her and is pro-active member of many NGOs, holding positions of importance in various charitable trusts. Going by her background, it was but natural for her to spearhead the company’s CSR efforts turning it into something that is bringing about changes in the life and environment.